A feast for the senses

It’s been said that a good meal is a feast for both the tongue and the eyes. That being the case, the first visual appetiser presented to you is the restaurant itself.

From bungalows and villas, you follow sand pathways through a coconut grove to the restaurant. Often, you are met with the tangy scents of Indonesian spices and the savoury aromas of fresh baked goods.

Once there, you're personally greeted and have the choice of a table inside the open-air, thatch-roof dining hall, or a seating on the outdoor terraces that flank the sides of the restaurant. Either way, they will enjoy relaxing views of the beach and ocean. 

Selection, with service

Rather than create dishes en mass then let them sit, Wakatobi’s culinary team constantly refreshes individual offerings, ensuring you're served the freshest culinary creations without having to wait.

And if you aren’t in the mood for self service, wait staff are more than happy to bring the food your way, whether it’s a sushi sampler, a savoury bowl of Soto Ayam or one of the pastry chef’s can't-resist desserts.

Compliments to the Chef

When we refer to Wakatobi’s culinary team as chefs, it’s not hyperbole. Our kitchen is managed by talented professionals who have worked internationally at a variety of fine dining establishments. They bring their experiences with world cuisines to Wakatobi, where they also embrace regional flavours and recipes. Many dishes are based on locally-sourced ingredients that include a range of fresh produce, fruit, and seafood.

The kitchen is known for serving premium meats—including exceptional steaks and roasts—and guests can enjoy cheeses from Europe, and wines from Chile, France, Italy, Australia and South Africa to name a few. And of course there are the rich spices.

To cap off the dining experience, a dedicated team of pastry chefs create tempting confections.

Please ask

As tempting as daily offerings are, there may be times when you have a taste for something that’s not on the serving table. This isn’t a problem. Our serving staff learn each of your personal preferences and the chefs are more than happy to fulfil special requests. 

With advanced notice, the culinary team can handle a range of special requests for guests who require special diets such as nut-free, vegan or gluten-free meals.

Beyond the dining room

On request, breakfast can be served on the front porch of a bungalow, or on the waterfront deck of a Villa. Other special dining experiences can include a picnic lunch basket that can be taken to a secluded stretch of beach, or a private dinner served on the beach.